The Table, one of India’s most celebrated restaurants, has welcomed guests to enjoy its globally inspired cuisine and hospitality since opening in 2011. Located in the iconic Colaba area of Mumbai, The Table has been a trailblazer within the national restaurant community. From introducing the concept of small and large plates to providing a true farm to table experience with produce from its own farm, The Table continues to be at the forefront of Indian hospitality. With an ingredient-driven focus, global accents and nuances, the menu is a commitment to simplicity and purity of flavour, a philosophy inherited from San Francisco.

The menu is an expression of the finest available vegetables, meat and fish, nearly all of which we procure locally and at the peak of the season. The Table draws inspiration from each corner of the globe, from America, Italy, and France, to China, Thailand, Japan, and beyond. Utilizing these influences, we offer a dynamic menu thus creating a diverse and exciting experience for our guests.